A successful hacking event is all about team work! The collaboration. The exchange of ideas. The pooling of great minds. The gathering of great ideas. And the mashup of all kinds of geniuses to improve the river’s health and create an innovative project that reflects your inventiness!

Register for the coding competition to form your own team or join an existing one.

Form your own team or join an existing one to participate in the coding competition.

  • We are building a geospatial social network, enabling the members to view and share information with others based on shared geographic regions of interest.

  • Community support is critical to the Ottawa River finally getting Heritage River status. This project aims to help people visualize and understand over 8,000 years of human cultural heritage on the river. It is envisaged as a mobile-first location-aw...

  • Help make mobile and assist in flood prevention by increasing access to useful data.

  • To create a service that looks at hydrometric data (and potentially other data) and lets the user pull data based on locations and or dates. This information will then be displayed graphically.


    Connecting researchers, the government, the industry, the academics, and the organizations to find the data they need in order to perform the actions required to preserve the Ottawa River.

  • Participez à la réalisation d'un projet qui fera une différence dans la qualité de l'eau du lac ou de la rivière la plus près de chez vous! Notre projet repose sur 6 années d'apprentissage avec les riverains. Nous avons besoin de vous pour ré...

  • Enabling citizens to easily report water and river issues, and allowing municipalities to resolve those issues quickly and transparently.

    Ottawa, ON
  • This project is converting a Flash application which tells the story of the Algonquin Nation of Wolf Lake. We are converting the Flash app to a website so the information is available to more people.

    Wolf Lake