The best of ourselves
for the future of the river!

AQUAHACKING 2015 - Ottawa River Summit is an unprecedented event that will bring together everyone concerned by the watershed to discuss challenges, develop strategies and committed to action for the future of the Ottawa River by agreeing on a common agenda. The Summit’s first day will be dedicated the river’s governance.

Innovation on fast-forward!

AQUAHACKING 2015 - Ottawa River Summit, will round up young computer enthusiasts – developers, and other digital professionals, that will focus their attention on a series of concerns defined by the Ottawa River community. Supported by mentors who are experts in the field, the interdisciplinary working teams will pull together their combined talents to develop technology-based solutions to solve water-related issues.

The result of their efforts will be presented on the event’s second day. A jury will then award prizes to the best solutions, and the public will be invited to vote for the People’s Choice Award!

First of a series of events devoted to the preservation and restoration of waterways in Quebec and Canada, the very first AQUAHACKING 2015 – Ottawa River Summit is dedicated to the Ottawa River. The technological solutions developed during AQUAHACKING 2015 – Ottawa River Summit will be offered to the community.

Other AQUAHACKING 2015 events are planned for Québec and Canada over the next few years. With each new project, AQUAHACKING 2015 will relocate to a new region where they will team up with local partners to create a customized event for a specific waterway.

AquaHacking brings together field experts, water experts, decision makers as well as citizens who all work together to find and create innovative and technological solutions for the sustainability and conservation of lakes, rivers and freshwater sources all over the country.